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What does it take?

It doesn’t all happen at once.

Did you really think it was going to happen overnight? Did you really believe it would be so easy anyone could do it? If your answer is “well, yes I did think it was easy. It looked easy anyway” — you’re wrong. I was wrong. Luckily, now I know why.

Weight loss is a journey. Saving money is a journey. Changing directions is a rollercoaster ride, filled with many emotions and uncertainty.. Changing habits feels the same, but can take weeks and even months to feel established.

I’m not writing this blog to sound negative or make it sound impossible, because it is most definitely not impossible to achieve the things you desire. I’m writing because if you’re serious about changes in your world or you truly want something completely different in your life, you’ll need to be two things: Constant + Disciplined.

Constant is defined as something or someone occurring continuously over a period of time.

Disciplined is defined as showing a controlled form of behavior or way of working.

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

I was a softball pitcher practically my whole life. From age 8 until I was 21 years old, I was throwing a softball at 58-60 MPH (come high school of course) underhand at batters from 43 feet away. I threw a lot of strikes and rarely walked girls. If I walked a girl, something was off with me mentally. My high school softball coach would call a timeout and walk out to the mound, take the ball out of my glove and say “PELKEY what’s the definition of insanity” .. the first time he asked me I just stared at him with a pretty confused look on my face. Then he told me what insanity meant. The second time he came out to the mound a few games later, he went “PELKEY what’s the definition of insanity” .. I said “doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results” . He said “good, now throw a strike.”

That stuck with me my whole life or at least up to this point. I’m happy it did because even 11 years later I still hear his voice and that definition ringing in my ear when I need to change something. Right now, it’s my food and my gym habits. They need to change. I need to get persistent and consistent if I want to feel like my whole self again. Being disciplined will get me into the gym daily. Being constant will allow me to see the changes I desire.

This pandemic did to me as I’m sure it did to many of you reading - we fell out of our workout routines, didn’t move our bodies as much overall, we remotely worked or are still working remotely, and the list goes on.

Some days I look in the mirror and feel ashamed. That’s my truth. Then I remember all the wonderful things my body has done for me (words of affirmations coming into play) and I thank my body. I thank it for all it has given me and all the things it continues to give to me.

My challenge will be overall mindset and continuing to breakdown my feelings and transform them into action. Month 1 of 2021 has been pretty good. I know following this path will only improve the goals and habits I've set for myself.

What about you? Hopefully breaking down your habits and getting to the core of yourself will help you understand what you'll need to become more constant and disciplined. This will then get you into a groove and jump start you into the right process for YOU. Accountability partners are key. Telling yourself the truth is key. Asking for help is key.

I truly hope you have goals and desires this year. I hope they are challenging ones. I hope you know that hard work will get you there, and YOU will feel amazing when you can say you accomplished difficult goals. One day at a time. One step at a time. One little habit at a time. One goal at a time. Don't forget the larger picture, which is the end goal. Keep that in your sights. And remember..

It doesn't all happen at once. But it does happen when you are constant and disciplined.

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