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Imperfection. Period.

For decades, the media has done a wonderful job at telling us exactly how we should look, feel, perform, dress, and ultimately has given us a standard imagine on what success should feel and look like.

When you've grow up watching television with perfectly thin supermodels, reading magazines that advertise makeup and beauty products on every other page, and waiting for dial up internet to load so you can check out all the new trends and social engagements on MySpace (Some of you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about) - there is a small gap between these expectations and our true self. Believe it or not, TV, magazines and Myspace were less pressure then our children face today and it's truly sad.

Today, we have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, influencers, brand marketing IN OUR FACE 24/7. We are addicted to our phones, which in return makes us addicted to watching “how life is suppose to be and should be”. This is no accident.

I’m guilty. I scroll. I admire. I sometimes have to remind myself of the truth. The media has done exactly what it intended to do. Get our eyes glued to a screen so we spend money, visit more sites, spend more time on their platforms - the list goes on.

Sometimes I find myself totally caught up in the endless cycle that I need to put my phone down for a few hours just to feel less stressed.

Do you find yourself having to put the pressure of perfection away?

It’s overwhelming and it’s heavy. I know..

Ladies and gentlemen, we are all so imperfect. Thank fricken God we are. I am so happy that I’m not perfect. Sometimes I catch myself trying to be and I fail because it's just not possible. This past Wednesday was a hard day for me, and probably the reason I am writing this blog post. The pressure to be perfect, start gaining clients, start making a larger impact on the world just blew up in my face. I'd put some much pressure on myself that I just wanted to lay in bed and cry. That is my truth.

Maybe you're a naturally anxious person like me? Maybe you overthink, over analyze, and feel all emotions so rare like me. Media is NOT ALWAYS our friend. It can make things extremely challenging and apply much more pressure to our daily lives. And for what? The sake of our mental health? Our joy? Our overall real person to person engagement in the world.

You are not perfect. I am not perfect. It’s a beautiful thing. Please please please don’t not let media fool you. Your authenticity is special. It’s important and it’s real.

Let’s start celebrating authenticity on social media rather than perfect body image or the way people dress. Let’s start celebrating the real and rare emotions rather than just showing the perfect location and perfect destination. This life is NOT sunshine & rainbows. I’m a positive person 98% of the time and I’m a coach, AND I’ll be the first to say that life is hard and it's real.

Now, when I catch myself falling into the trap of believing I need to be perfect or feel shame, I remember all the beautiful things I do have in my life. I do my affirmations. I call a friend or family member that sees the true value in me. I put my phone down and go for a walk with my dog. I write a list of all the things my body, my mind and my soul has given me.

I am thankful. I am not perfect. Say it again, I am thankful. I am not perfect.

Embrace the real. Embrace the imperfection. Period.


Sara, Founder & Coach


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