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Oh, the places you’ll go with a review!

Oh, the places you’ll go with a review!

Let’s be honest, in these times of Covid & uncertainty, it’s hard to know where is safe to travel, what places are open & what is even worth visiting within your means.

I am here to tell you that you can still do cool ass things within guidelines and limits! Try outdoor adventures - play it safe!

Here we go! 1.When visiting a @nationalparkservice please check that specific parks website before going to see if they are even open! Some are business as usual, and some are closed.

2. Be respectful.. wear your mask, stay 6 feet apart, pick up after yourself and pets, and be kind to other at the location you are visiting!

3. Be on the lookout for outdoors attractions. Yes, museums are awesome, but try and play it safe and stick to outdoor learning / sights!

4. This is a great time to connect with nature.. we all could use a little more time with planet earth During Covid times, go outside and be in nature. Explore. Breathe. Connect with yourself outdoors!

5.Look up online THE WALL DOGS online and find towns around the United Stated with awesome mural artwork! they are a sight to see!

6. When visiting larger cities or towns you can visit their instragram pages to learn more about what they have to offer! Here is some examples: @visitknoxville @visit_arizona @visitutah @visitnh

7. READ landmark reviews.. is there a hike involved? What kind of weather are we talking about? Be clothes prepared. No one likes a 1-2 mile hike in flip flops. (I’ve seen it)..

Food and shops.. Many places are still take-out only. So when researching food, I always call before trying to sit down anywhere. Roswell, NM for example was tough because all the shops and food seemed closed, but we did find @hangar_209 , which was an AWESOME place to grab a quick souvenir. They were able to tell us where to eat!

8. Hidden gems .. there are SO many amazing places in the United States that you wouldn’t know about until someone told you. Think outside the box of National parks and check out places like @horseshoebendtours or @officialcadillacranch or smaller state parks like @palodurocanyonsp

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