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Scary Peace of Mind.

Ever gazed out at something so breathtaking and feel so at peace but so scared all at the same time?

This photo was taken in Colorado. This photo was taken 6 months ago on my cross country trip from New Hampshire to Nevada. This photo was taken when I had a pit in my stomach and I was extremely nervous, although you couldn't know from this view.

I remember getting back in the car as we headed down the mountain and thinking to myself.. "wow I can't believe I did this. I can't believe I just pack up my car and left it all behind. There is really no turning back now."

I was so scared guys. I didn't know anyone in Nevada but my best friend, Ashley. I knew I was taking a risk going to live somewhere brand new, and really not knowing anyone, but I did it because my intuition was telling me I needed the change. I needed it for me.

Change is scary. Change can leave you feeling lost and confused. Change can make you want to turn back around to where you find comfort. Changing directions in your life can be a level of hard you may have not felt before. I am here to tell you that your gut and intuition does not lie, and that is your truth poking and pulling at you to make the change.

When we learn how to trust our intuition, our life suddenly gets a bit easier. That might mean changing things around in your life a bit more often, but you are ultimately doing it for your own happiness.

Your mind and body can and will go into scare mode, and that is okay. Trust the process. Make the hard change anyways. Trust you gut. I found that when I looked for support during the big changes, and worked through the emotions - the change went a little smoother. You don't need to change in silence. You don't need to change alone!

Make the first couple months of 2021 the ones where you follow your gut and trust the process that leads to change.

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