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Traveling with our Fur Friends

10 TRAVEL TIPS & TRICKS for short trips, long trips, camping trips and state parks/national park trips with our fur friends!

1️⃣ Easy travel & easy hiking dog bowl!! The bowl in the next photos has saved my life with Thunder so many times! I love mine!!😻

2️⃣ Long cable for your dog to Roam. Many campgrounds, state parks/national parks require or prefer you have your dog on a leash. It gives you & your dog some real freedom!

3️⃣ Dog booties!! For those hot summer days to help prevent your dogs paws from getting burn on the asphalt! I made this mistake at Niagara Falls in mid July.. it was 95 degrees and Thunders poor little paws were having a tough time walking so I ended up carrying his 70 pound cuteness for like 10 Minutes 😅

4️⃣ Ok ok.. is your dog a big swimmer?? Yeah, well mine is and will keep swimming until he’s in the middle of the lake 😅 I’m not kidding.. so if your dog is a big swimmer and you’ll be traveling to lakes, oceans and rivers - you may want to invest in a dog life jacket. It’s a great peace of mind!

5️⃣ Make sure that your pet is safe for traveling by getting them checked at the vets before leaving! This is especially important if your pet has a preexisting condition you’re aware of and needs medication for comfort on the road.

6️⃣ Prevent Parvovirus in Your Dog or Puppy.. Oh, the dog park!! So fun for our fur babies, but can be scary for us if we have not had our dogs Vaccinated. Avoiding parvovirus is important for your fur friend so before hitting the road or exposing your pup to parks & large public spaces please make sure your pup is vaccinated. 🐩

7️⃣ Pet-friendly accommodations can be extremely difficult to find. Just because they say pet-friendly does not mean it’s the right location. Check their pet policies, see what any extra fees will be, and check the surrounding area for pet-friendly restaurants & parks.

8️⃣ Pack your babies favorite Toys, bones/treats, Blankets, & Bed.

9️⃣ Don’t forget their collar with tags & keep it on them at all times!! 🏷

🔟 Map Out Pit Stops ‼️ .. At least for Thunder we needed to stop every 3-4 hours for him to stretch and do his business! Take this into consideration when traveling long distance.

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