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My Mindful meditation

With the Roaming Road 

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2024 Roaming Road Post.png

Are you seeking more peace & joy in your life?

Meditation is a powerful tool that benefits us in a multitude of ways. It helps us create the space we need to think and feel clearly and as a result, we feel reduced stress, a greater sense of connection, and enhanced joy (among other great benefits, that we’ll learn about!).

In this course, we will learn some of the science behind meditation, practice different types of meditation, figure out how to make meditation work for YOU,

… And feel those benefits we always hear about.

This course is a great fit for you if you…

  • Are interested in learning how to work with and quiet your mind

  • Want to understand yourself better and improve the quality of your relationships with more relaxed awareness

  • Are looking to learn more about the practice of meditation and mindfulness in an approachable and relatable way, based in current research and a wide variety of styles

  • Want to expand the styles of meditation you practice and/or are familiar with to meet your needs more fully

  • Learn well in a group setting, sharing and listening to the experiences of others

  • Want to add accountability in your meditation practice or study

  • Want to connect more with people while you explore your mind, emotions, and awareness

  • Live on the other side of the globe and are typically sleeping when Blake offers group courses!

Course Overview:

Each session will include at least two different meditations, ranging from 3-12 minutes.  It will also include some teaching of concepts, techniques, research, etc. as well as discussion and sharing from the group. 

To help tailor the course overall and each session specifically, you will receive a pre-course questionnaire.  Filling this out will help you reflect on where you are and want to go with this course and your meditation practice, but also help me really meet your needs.

2024 Roaming Road Post.png


Make the space for greater joy and ease

Registration ends the day before each section starts!

6 weeks, Tuesdays at 7:30PM ES EST, and/OR 

Fridays at 7:00 AM EST, (50 mins via ZOOM)

Starting Tuesday, April 9th and April 12th

Ending Tuesday, May 14th and May 27th

We are so excited to offer this course at a lower rate than most live meditation courses of this quality. 


We are also providing up to 3 people with a scholarship for this course, so everyone has a chance at access to this mindfulness practice. 

Interested in receiving a scholarship? Email us to apply.

Sliding scale: $199-$700 ($200, $350, $500, $700)

So what do you pay?

Consider what rate would be just uncomfortable enough to make you really value the experience, but not so uncomfortable you are going to stress about money and not meet other important costs in your life.  At the higher rate, consider your additional contribution supporting those who are currently under financial stress and not able to make the full payment.


Join us and let’s dive into your well-being with some more effective tools and guidance.



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