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The Roaming

Now Available for Online & IN PERSON Coaching



BOOK A VIP DAY with the Roaming Road TODAY!

Booking spots for January - March of 2023 NOW! 

A VIP day with the Roaming Road is for you if you are seeking clarity on your next steps and want to get clear on your plan. A VIP day with help you refocus on yourself and what it is your desire & look at the bigger vision and focus on the right steps to get there. 

What you’ll receive in a VIP day: 
- 2 - 2.5 full hours of focused 1:1 coaching. 
- Full focus and attention on YOU during our time. 
- 3 different frameworks to have on your journey forward. 
- Breakthrough visualization and meditation (if chosen) 
- A space to grow, strategize and just be yourself fully. 
- A clear vision and plan to take yourself and business to the next level. 

What you need to know: 
- Space is limited. Only 2 spots a month open. 
- Pay in full price is $444 (save $44 dollars), payment plans available upon request. 


Join us for the RRR Treat Experience! This virtual 3+ hour retreat is all about YOUR reflection, recharging, reconnection, rest, refueling & reset as we begin the new year. Kick-off 2023 in a great mental and emotional place as we take the time to decompress, relax and refocus on what you need to be the best version of YOU in 2023.

The virtual retreat will take place on February 5th from 5:30 pm -9:30 pm EST.                                                         Come ready to relax and rewind!



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Finding your own purpose, fulfillment, and joy isn't told to you by a rulebook handed to you at the age of 21...  It's a process and a journey that we must embark on individually. The Butterfly Series is the place to find your grounding and the tools needed to start establishing your purpose and finding that joy within in you. 
This evergreen program is over 10 hours in content with 5 different frameworks to help you align back into self. 

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I am so happy you are here! 

Hello and welcome, I’m Sara!


I'm a travel enthusiast, people lover, coffee drinker, kindness seeker, avid hiker, dog hugger that specializes in helping people fulfill their dreams and passions through finding their true aliveness as a certified aliveness coach.


For starters, I am no different from you. I have felt stuck and lost in my career. I have felt drained and tired of the so-called “rat race”. I've felt a fire in my soul for quite some time saying “there has to be something more for me in this life.” It’s taken me years to find the clarity I was searching for and when I finally found what I truly desire - everything clicked. My dream is to help you gain the clarity that you seek! 


The Roaming Road started as my personal journey to self and now it’s how I guide others through specialized methods and strategies. It has been my dream to help other people fulfill their lives with the elements that truly bring them alive. The last eight years have been full of ups and downs. This has included, but is not limited to, traveling across the country, buying and selling an RV, working from the road, working from a desk, hiring and managing staff, professional and personal growth, and lastly, never forgetting my goals and desires to leave this world a better place. I believe to make the world a better place, we must look within ourselves first to make the hardest changes. Only then can we give back to the world in a bigger way. 


My experiences have given me the superpower of being empathic with the ability to connect with others on a deeper level. In return, I've been helping others through their life's journey in a meaningful way. I became a coach to help change lives and to help young adults find their way. My goal is to help you experience the good and bad life events with more ease and truly look at these experiences as opportunities instead of struggles. So here I am with the goal of helping you LIVE for a living.


I am a true believer that following your dreams and passions shouldn’t be compromised for a life you don’t love.


What do you say?

Let's help you live from a place of ALIVENESS.

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I went to  Greece.. Beautiful Greece. A transformational experience and retreat that gave ME and The Roaming Road the clarity needed to continue down the path of growth. I already knew that traveling helps me reset and recharge, but what I didn't realize was how fulfilling and rewarding it would be to learn and grow with like minded women! The women on this retreat were exactly what I needed to come back to self. They gave me a place to be and our connections gave me a space to feel safe to express. Don't we all need a safe place to express? 

What I gained from my seven days in Greece was that the journey we embark on to find who we are meant to be isn't an easy one.

At times, it is made to look easy when we see those making million dollar months. It is made to look easy when it only feels hard. 

It's those moments of struggle and determination to grow and evolve that will make those million dollar months. 

The mindset is this... if I don't give up. I won't fail. Keep going. Easier said than done.


I speak from experience as I personally continue to embark and support others on their journey to purpose, love and fulfillment. Join us as we continue on this adventure. Travel, joy and love is just the start. 

Roaming Road takes on year 2 and we couldn’t be more excited to share all the amazing offerings and opportunities for YOUR own growth. 


It’s good to be curious.


If travel, vision, fulfillment, passion and living a life that feels more ALIVE appeals to YOU.. join me in a free clarity call. Book below to learn more <3 

With Love,



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