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As 2022 comes to a close, it is only natural and human to reflect on the last 12 months. I sit here and write this with a heart that is more open, more aware and more grateful than ever before. 2022 was the year of trust. Trust was the word that I knew needed to be embedded not only in me, but in The Roaming Road.  It was also the year of the Butterfly.. and how beautiful it was. 2022 came with lessons and strength that couldn't have happened without the sequence of events that transpired over the last 12 months.

So now I ask you, what comes up for you when you reflect on the last year? What changes did you make? What goals did you accomplish? What did you learn about yourself? Where did your strength come through? 

In the 1:1 coaching space we dive into what grounds you, what brings you truly aliveness, what challenges you, and what the next steps are to getting what YOU want in this life. Ultimately, this is your world and you get to create it, and sometimes creating your world can be easier said than done. The RR coaching space provides the proper guidance to find that clarity to start making those courageous changes.

The Roaming Road is currently accepting 2 NEW clients in 2023. 
If you have an interest in exploring what the 1:1 space could mean for you please reach out. We will set up a free connection call to chat through any questions. 


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Finally ready to make a change? Ready to receive support every step of the way? Is it time to focus on you and your personal evolution? 


The Roaming Road provides a safe space to fully begin your transformation. Receive 1:1 support in person and or via zoom, communicate via WhatsApp when out of session, as well as working through frameworks and strategies that pinpoint patterns that you feel ready to shift. If you are ready to love yourself again, ground self and step into courageous change -- you came to the right place! 

Pay in full for 6 months of coaching with the Roaming Road & save over $300.00 -  Monthly plans ARE available if requested. Join the 1:1 space where you'll be supported, guided & heard. This space is for your personal transformation to come to life! We can meet in person or via zoom. We will spend the next 6 months focused on your needs, desires and re-centering what truly brings you alive. 

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